Live Event Page 2021

Archive video of the live event on September 23, 2021.

8:00 - Welcome and Housekeeping

Nick Collatos
IHA Chief Operating Officer

8:20 - Border Health

Keynote speaker: Amanda Aguirre

9:30 - Panel Discussion: Arizona - Reflection and Shared Practices from a Pandemic

Speakers: Jeanene Fowler, Jeanne F. Nizigiyimana, MSW, MA, Will Humble

11:30 - Teledentistry - During the Pandemic and Beyond

Speaker: Howard Reis

1:00 - Panel Discussion: Social Isolation, COVID-19: Impact and Outreach

Speakers: Zaida Dedolph, Chiquita Taylor, Dana Kennedy

2:55 - Wrap Up: Evaluation

Speaker: Nick Collatos