Upcoming 4th Annual Virtual Conference:

Arizona's Annual Health Literacy Conference 2023

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Our 3rd Annual Virtual Conference
The Arizona’s Annual Health Literacy Conference 2022
"Out of the Maze– Mental Health Resources, Information and Services to Improve Health and Well-Being".

Navigating health systems can sometimes feel as if you are walking through a maze. Access to these systems and information are important for everyone. Those with a mental or behavioral health diagnosis have additional needs such as getting treatment services, participating in outreach, and increased basic interaction with community.

There is also the need for the community to come together to reduce stigma, share an understanding of mental health, and learn how to support one another. This is the theme of our 2022 conference - Out of the Maze.

Throughout this one-day virtual event, you will gain insight into the work that is being done to increase mental health literacy and the systems working together to positively affect mental health outcomes.

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This virtual conference is brought to Arizona by the Institute for Healthcare Advancement in collaboration with the Health Literacy Conference Sponsors – represented by Molina Complete Care, AZ Complete Health, and Health Choice.

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